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  • Why choose Rajasthali cottage industries?

    Rajasthali cottage industries aim for offering the best services and products to their customers for a smooth shopping experience by providing easy-to-use filters, the best brands to choose from, expert insights from in-house styles, and approachable customer services. They also have an exchange or return policy in case the customers change their minds after shopping from them, which makes them stand out from other local cottage industries because of all the services they provide along with the authentic products they sell that are nominally priced.

  • Can you shop online from Rajasthali Cottage Industries?

    They still haven’t started any online shopping service, but they have a website through which customers can browse and see their products before visiting the shop, making it handy for them. They offer their products only in the local markets of Rajasthani cities. 

  • Is Rajasthali Cottage Industries a good shop in Jodhpur?

    Yes, their shop focuses on meeting local needs, covering a wider range of genuine products at budget-friendly rates. Along with maintaining high-quality services, making them a better place to shop from at local markets of Jodhpur.

  • What services does Rajasthali Cottage Industries provide?

    Rajasthali cottage industries provide a vast variety of products and services to their customers, such as tribal jewellery, custom-made handlooms like bandhej designs, handmade footwear such as mojaris, juthis, and handicraft homes decor. Making them one of the best shops in the market of Rajasthan as you can find all the products you need at one place: “A one-stop destination to shop for all Rajasthani delicacies”. 

    “Service with satisfaction” is the motto of the Rajasthali cottage industry. They buy products in bulk from best-branded manufacturers directly, saving the cost of intermediaries, which profits to the customers. With a range of authentic products to choose from at an affordable budget.


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